3 Most Important Things in Choosing a Wedding Venue

There are many choices of wedding venue in Medford Oregon. But which one is the best for you? Are the facilities good enough? Can the staff members give proper services for the price you will pay?

As a bride-to-be, you must be asking those questions a lot. It is understandable since you definitely want to have a problem-free wedding day. Choosing a wedding venue is not easy. You are not only required to pay attention to your needs, but also your guests. To help you make the right decision, here are three things you should consider before booking a wedding venue.

Choose Strategic Location

Location is very important in choosing a wedding venue, especially if your guests are not exclusively from Medford. It is best to choose a venue that is near from the airport. If you choose a hotel wedding, make sure the hotel provides airport shuttle to help your guests come to the wedding venue.

Good Catering Service

Some venues don’t allow you to use outside catering service. Even if they do, they will charged extra, and most of the time it is not cheap. So, before you choose a venue, make sure you know where you want to get the catering service.

Actually, it will be more convenient to use the catering service from the venue. Your job will be easier and some venues offer lower price for bundle packages. If you prefer to use catering service from the venue, make sure they have a reputable executive chef. Food is very important for a wedding, so you don’t want to take a risk. You also must be sure that the venue can provide the exact menu that you want. Arrange a food tasting beforehand so that you will be assured of the food’s quality.

Don’t forget to ask for high quality dining wares. A great venue absolutely will serve you the best even to the smallest details.

Professional Staff Members

Last but not least, choose a venue which has professional staff members. Wedding preparations can be exhausting, and there might be some changes you want to make for the party. Therefore, make sure the staff members are responsive and always available to help you.

Choosing a venue can be very tricky. So, if you have booked the right venue, half of your wedding preparation is done. To choose the best wedding venue in Medford Oregon, don’t just go to the cheapest one. Make sure the service is good and will make your wedding becomes a very memorable day.