Attractions Nearby Bandung, Day Trips and Excursions

There are many day trip options and Arabian attractions suiting those based in Attractions Nearby Bandung, around both West and Central Java. Popular nearby attractions within easy reach of Bandung include mountain hiking, lush tea plantations, natural hot springs, campsites and coastal resorts.

A charming suburb town in West Java, Lembang became a thing of a hotspot for weekend excursions and stood on the foothills of a rather prominent mountain, where it’s just 20 minutes from Bandung. Other popular attractions and excursions worth contemplating include the Tangkuban Prahu volcano, the Rancabali tea estate, the Ciater Hot Springs and also the Maribaya Hot Springs.


Located close to Bandung and approximately 9 km / 6 miles to the north-east of nearby TangkubanPerahu crater, the attractions of Ciater reside inside the very heart of a spreading clove and tea plantation. The Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort resides towards the end of the main road and serves as the top drawcard at the Ciater region, being among the best of its kind that the region has. There are a collection of little sulfurous pools in the resort, that are fed by natural mineral springs, heated by volcanic activity, and are reputed to offer medical qualities.


The mountains located on the southerly outskirts of Bandung have a propensity to offer less in the way of attractions and facilities than those in the north, even though these resorts do have a unique advantage that they’re quieter and more developed. If you’re in this region, then do keep a watch out for the volcanic crater that’s better known as the KawahPutih. This crater comes along with a beautiful azure-blue lake and may be little, but is exceedingly magnificent and very photogenic. The KawahPutih is particularly close to GunungPatuha and Rancabali.


Close to the Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort and around 15 km / 9 miles to the south of Bandung, Lembang is a little and often bustling market town, with areas boasting a strong Dutch colonial character. Day-trippers visiting Lembang will find that the waterfalls at local Maribaya park are particularly enticing. The praised Bosscha Observatory (Observatorium) can be located at Lembang, on the JalanPeneropongan Bintang, and is, in fact, Indonesia’s only observatory currently


Tangkuban Prahu is an active volcano and lies a mere 30 km / 19 miles from Bandung, being sited directly to the northwest. Very much an attraction for tourist in its own right, Tangkuban Prahu attracts hordes of visitors every year, who come here to marvel at the sheer scale of the crater. It’s possible to take a hike up to the top and peer into the crater itself, where one can see the hot springs and sense the warmth. In case you’re feeling peckish, then you may like to purchase one of the eggs that are cooked on the hot surface of the volcano.