Bali Kuta Vacation Ideas

Known as the favourite travel destination, Bali can exceed your expectation for a great trip. Nevertheless, if you determine Bali for your next trip, Bali Kuta is one among other places that will cater you with unforgettable memory filled with joy. Spending your time in Bali, but not enjoying the beach, you will regret it. Swimming is no the only thing you can do there. Have fun with the banana boat, parasailing, surfing, or simply playing around by the beach, are other lists to do. Or else, if you on that time have no mood to jump into the water, there are other good things Kuta beach offers to you.


You can relax your body with Indonesian traditional massage if you want to while you are enjoying the beautiful scenery of the beach. There are women with good skill to calm down your sore muscle. Sunset is another reason why Kuta beach should be on your vacation list. But Kuta beach is not the only main attraction, get out from the beach to the city, Kuta exposes you with various great things. Restaurants and bars, most of them won’t bother you about dress code and don’t forget about the music performance.

Easy access is another reason why Kuta is worth travelling as you need only to get yourself a taxi so then, you can explore the city. You can spend a lot of money in Kuta to stay in a five-star hotel and experience top class services. Even so, it doesn’t mean on budget travellers can’t have so much fun in Kuta. There are many good places in Kuta where you can save much money without giving up comfortableness. Cheap hotels with good quality are there in Kuta. In addition, if you want to embrace Bali culture through its people, homestay is a note worthy alternative.

Wonder around the city, you have three options. First, you can explore Kuta surrounding by foot, and indeed, this one gives you priceless experience. You can slow down your steps anytime you want and mingle with things that you meet on another side of the street. Second, rent a bike is another fun way to enjoy Kuta. And third, if you want to go further and faster, you can rent motorcycle instead. Nevertheless, if you consider riding motorcycle ensure that you know some basic rules about how to ride there.