I Should Have Known What Was Wrong

Of course I had water, to put it mildly, coming out of the drain for the washing machine. So I assumed that I had a clog and that I needed to find someone to do drain unclogging near Passaic county. They came out, but it was the next day and they knew right away what was going on, they still charged me to come out and tell me that the septic tank was full. It was backing up and there simply was not any place for the stuff I was sending down the drain to go. They asked me when it had been emptied, but I had no clue. I have lived here for around two and a half years. Then they asked me how big the tank was, but I was just as clueless about that. Apparently you have to have a bigger one when there are a lot of people using the bathroom and such. I do not have that every day, but just about every weekend I will have friends over, usually a dozen or so. Some of the time it will be twice as many.

At any rate it took a couple of days for the guy to come and he took some time figuring out where he was supposed to dig. Again I was clueless when he asked me where the septic tank was, although I showed him roughly where the lines left the house. He poked a metal rod in the ground until he struck it and then he dug until he found the lid to the tank. It took him about two hours to clean it out and that solved the problem. Of course it smelled really bad for a little while too. It cost me a good bit of money, but it had to be done.