Experience the Long-Lived Autumnal Glory of London

London is one of the global centres of art, business, and buzz, and has been for centuries. The great city plays host to tourists from around the world every year who fly thousands of miles to experience everything from the literary glory of Shakespeare’s Globe and the Platform 9 ¾ display in King’s Cross Station, to the National Gallery and Royal Opera House, to the everyday pleasures of pub life, double decker busses, and pretending to know what’s in bangers and mash.

Of course, every great city may be said to have a season which suits its character, brilliance, and beauty better than any other. London, without question, is an autumnal city, from the leaves turning a Red Cross crimson to the breeze off the Thames. Here are just a few amazing things to see and do come autumn in London.

Museum Specials

The British Museum houses one of the most storied collections of art, artefacts, and amazing materials in the world. It is no exaggeration to say that much of the collective story of mankind can be pieced together from the many different exhibits and pieces it houses within its storied halls and epic walls. In fact, “epic” is just the word for it, as this autumn the British Museum is hosting a series of special exhibitions on artefacts relating to some of the oldest and most seminal epics of world literature and culture. Experience the art and artefacts which informed the world of Gilgamesh, the Sumerian hero whose tale is the oldest literary epic in existence, and thus one of the earliest works of world literature. See Greek displays which call to mind the world of Homer’s immortal Odysseus and his Odyssey, as well as incredible artefacts relating to Kali, a key figure in Hindu culture.

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A World of Art

The National Gallery in London is home to some of the most renowned works by some of the world’s most renowned artists—in short, it’s a must-see for any tourist, and its impeccable paintings take on a particular poignancy come autumn. On display now is a series of paintings by Caravaggio, with accompanying presentations as to how this Italian master of the 1500s shaped the world of art for centuries after and whose influence is still felt today.

Theatrical Brilliance

To say Britain in general and London in particular has a special relationship with theatre is an understatement. From Shakespeare—whose original Globe Theatre was housed in London, the replica of which continues to put on Elizabethan-inspired staging’s of his works to this day—to Oscar Wilde to Tom Stoppard and beyond, the London stage has come to be a proving ground for writers, actors, and directors the world over. This autumn, for example, Robert Icke is staging a production of The Red Barn, which is sure to be one of the most seminal events of the British theatrical year.

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