I Found an Unusual Job

I just got to Nevada about five months ago, fresh out of the service. Of course I have been working to finish my education. In the Navy I was a corpsman, I did a tour in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. To be honest I had the fortune to never get too deep in the mess there, but I spent a lot of time working out. At any rate when I got back I ended up working for this really beautiful girl. I learned what a Las Vegas GFE is all about, although I am not really sure that I have been extremely necessary so far. Apparently what she pays me is not so big of a deal. She asked me if I had a pistol to start with and I said that I could borrow one from my brother or buy one. She showed me two that she had, one was a Model 1911 knockoff from Belgium. She took me out in the desert to make sure that I knew what to do with it, then she fired off a clip from a portable .380.

At any rate she made me do push ups to see how many I could do and then she put me on her treadmill and cranked that thing up. She smiled and asked me if I could knock a door down. I frowned and told her I could get past most door locks. The job is simple. I drive her Mercedes, a beautiful 500 series. We pick up some guy and the two of them go on a real date, just like she was his girlfriend. Of course I am there like a fire extinguisher. So long as nothing really bad happens I just drive the car and look like a bad guy to mess with.