What to Do in Jakarta: How Long Will You Be Staying?

Have you ever wondered what to do in Jakarta when you happen to come to the megacity? Jakarta isn’t exactly the friendliest place on earth, especially for tourists and travelers. On the contrary, it is the jungle in the city where you need to be tough and man up so you can pass everything. However, the city has its own special and unique appeal. Despite the roughness, there is a certain beauty lies within it and it would be a shame to miss it out. So, there are possible alternative when you want to visit the city and have fun.

What to do in the city depends on how many days you are staying there. The longer you stay, the more you can see and experience. Here are some of the possible alternative options when you want to have a memorable exploration in Jakarta:

  • Take a trip to the close by island, the Thousand Island. The island itself is located on the northern area of Jakarta and still considered as the part of it. But the island offers a privacy setting with amazing view. The island is only a few hours away from the center of Jakarta but you will feel as if you were on a different part of Indonesia if you come there. There are beautiful inlets, coves, and also beaches. If you want to spend the night there, you can find some of the best accommodation too. What if you want to enjoy a rather more luxurious experience? You can go to PulauMacan (Tiger Island) which isn’t far from the Thousand Island. You will find a luxurious and exclusive resort. Delicious cocktails and fine dining are available there. If you happen to stay longer on in Jakarta, this Thousand Island trip can be your option of what to do in Jakarta for 4 days.
  • Explore the cuisine. Being the melting pot of many people and cultures, you should be able to find all kinds of foods and beverages – not only internationally but also locally. If you want to try the local dish, try such thing as BirPletok, Ketoprak, or KerakTelor. If you want to try other types of local dish, such thing as gado-gado, sate ayam, cendol, or jajananpasar will certainly offer a nice moment for you. If you are into international cuisine, you can find them easily. European food, Asian food, or American foods are all available through the restaurants and even street vendors. The latter one can be a great alternative when you are rather low on the budget.
  • Explore the city by public transportation or online fleet. The development of transportation in Jakarta is quite marvelous. You can go by the city bus – soon, you will be able to enjoy the city subway – which is offering a comfy experience. The price is also affordable. If you want to, you can try the online fleet, such as Gojek, Gocar, or Grab. They are the alternative of what to do in Jakarta for 2 days, provided that you stay only a while.


There are still many options available. Make sure to do your research well and then have fun exploring around!