What Writers Want in a Word Processor

I like keeping things simple for writing. I do not need word processing power that will let me make booklets or do all kinds of other fancy things. I use a text editor Windows computers can use, and I am happy with it. I can dial back all the extra features to make my work go faster. I do not like the distraction of a bunch of buttons and toolbars while I am actually writing. I certainly do not want any beeps or dings either. I like to just see a white screen with black letters appearing as I type. I will do the fancy editing and formatting later.

I do like for the capabilities to do fancy editing being available, I just do not want them to be obtrusive while I am actually putting the words into paragraphs. Writing, for me, goes a lot smoother when it is just me and the page. I have a friend who can listen to music and do all kinds of other stuff while he is writing. I never could do that and be able to get any work done. I do not even like the sound of a fan or air conditioner. I like it quiet. Even soft instrumental music is a distraction to me. I do not want anything setting the mood other than my imagination.

Word processors were probably never designed by authors. They are probably mostly made by people who need to create fancy documents or the editors who do all the neat formatting of magazine articles and web content. The authors just want to get the words into a readable form. Once it is out of my head and onto the page, then the editing can begin later. Distractions, whether it be software or environment, can hold me back.